April 8, 2009

This week in design...

My flash drive is officially full. I never thought that would happen. This is the reason you haven't been seeing as much of my work posted lately; I'm  having trouble remembering whether certain files are on my flash drive, external hard drive, bengal space or the VOX server. Well, I think I've finally found my most recent stuff, so here ya go. 

Last Thursday my finalized payday loan feature ran. I was really happy with the end result, and think the contrasting of the obnoxiousness of the splash page with formality of the story's entry point is much more obvious without the full gradient.  The page is all party on the left and business on the right, much in the same way that payday loans seem too good to be true, but must be used carefully and responsibly. 

I also designed some VOX covers for the "Screen Saviors" story. The top one is my favorite redesign, followed by the one I actually submitted. I submitted the one with the movie stills just to help clarify exactly what the story is about; "Screen Saviors" alone is a little confusing. 

I also redesigned ren|ovation, one of my Renovate | Style department pages. It looks a lot more visually appealing now, and the directions are much easier to follow. I'm still playing with the brick background; some thought it was a bit too busy. I was thinking about changing the brick to a white brick (for texture and readability) but John thought we should keep the red brick and change the photos in the frame to black and white. I really love the pop of color the paintings bring to the page so I'm hesitant about doing that. Which one do you think would work best?

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