April 7, 2009

Shameless self-promotion

Last week we presented websites. Mine was ROUGH. If I remember correctly, NONE of the menu bars link to the correct pages, which is really fabulous and professional. I am, however, really excited to get my links working and flash slideshows up and running in the next few weeks. Pictured above is the nameplate I'm using for the main page and logo of my professional site, and although I probably would keep using it even if everyone hated it, it was great to hear that almost everyone thought it looked visually appealing and worked with my stark(ish) website concept.

I was also thinking about using this same nameplate for the covers of my mini portfolio; I would use it on the cover (white text on black background) and then mirror the text on the back cover (so it would be backwards when you flip it over.)  I think it is a timeless enough concept and design to use on something as important as a mini portfolio, but is also graphic enough to garner attention. Let me know what you think; is just having my name on the cover of the mini portfolio too generic or ambiguous? Also, what do you think about the black with white text? I was a little worried about fingerprints, but those would show up even worse on white. Do employers even care about this?

I am in midst of redesigning my resume as well. I've got the text part finalized and am playing with the design. Would it be obnoxious to use the same nameplate for my resume too? I kind of like the idea of creating a brand for myself, but also worry it may be redundant and tired after awhile. Comments DEFINITELY welcome regarding any and all of these concerns!

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