April 1, 2009

Renovate|Style Update

Here is my latest Renovate|Style department. I realize it has a lot of problems, but I think I like its' direction. I really like the photo cut-outs, I just need to work on featuring photos that more clearly represent the project from start to finish and adjust sizes and placement. It's hard to look at a page from a virginal perspective (as John put it, ha) and realize that not everyone knows what the hell a "DVD memory keeper" is. Jan and John gave me a really good suggestion to create my own DVD case frames in photoshop so I could put colored paintings and more refined designs within each frame. This will a) give me a prettier dominant photo, b) appeal to an affluent audience by upgrading the project to a finer art level  and c) solve the whole problem with the page's "taxi-ness."

I really like the yellow highlighters bleeding off the left edge of the page, but I can see how the page really isn't easy to follow or clean looking at all. I will work on creating more modular text areas (perhaps to mirror the grids of the frame?)  to help create a more cohesive page that is easy to use and bold yet refined.


Kristin said...

What is "taxi-ness"?? I'm afraid I might be doing it! Eek!

chelsea said...

hahaha,I doubt you are. We think it kind of looks like a taxi because of all the black and yellow!