April 7, 2009

The Odyssey

Tonight I was talked into attending "The Odyssey," a dinner put on by the Hotel and Restaurant Management students each Tuesday. The HRM students are divided into a team in charge of one dinner and treat it like they are running their own restaurants; kind of like our Meredith projects. This week's theme was dubbed "Odyssey" because it was a tantalizing tastebud tour through the Mediterranean. The meal began with a Coppola chardonnay, pita and hummus (warm toasted pita + fresh hummus = my favorite) and a Greek salad. For the main course I ordered the grilled swordfish with polenta (or you could get veal or lambchops) and baklava with cappuccino ice cream for dessert. Sounds amazing, right?

It was by no means terrible, but I have to admit that despite the ultra upscale sounding menu you could definitely tell it was a student-run dinner. The pita was dry and cold, the salad salty, the swordfish oily and sweet(?) and the baklava had no honey. But the chardonnay, garlicky hummus and cappuccino ice cream were all-star and made up for the rest of the meal.  Good or bad, I recommend the experience because you can STUDENT CHARGE everything and it's a great learning opportunity for the students.

I guess the reason I bring this up is primarily because of the dinner table talk. While in the middle of complaining about the food and our futures, or lacktherof, I brought up the color hunt video we watched today in design class. Well, I felt like a complete nerd because there I was, bursting at the seams trying to explain how the designers were in full safari gear, matching hundreds of swatches to leaves and murky water and strange grasses and Amazonian sky — while my friends stared at me blankly. They didn't get it. I guess that just means I'm in the right capstone.

I will leave you with this lovely image of the Mediterranean sea. Back to the grind; I have faith that someday all this hard work will pay off and I'll be able to soak in this view everyday from my Greek villa.

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