April 9, 2009


I really like Peeps. While many find them disgusting or even downright offensive, I love the tiny marshmallow delights both for aesthetic appeal (they are so awkward and cute) and taste (mmm you can taste the grains of sugar.) I even searched far and wide last halloween for a Peeps costume, but then decided I should probably keep at least a little self-respect and be Lil' Wayne instead, complete with lollipop chain. 

So much the whole self-respect thing...

That being said, meet this crazy peep-collector. Someone sent this to me on Facebook, which I'm hoping is not some sort of indication that my peepsession is spiraling out of control — I mean, I don't even own a stuffed peep!



Lyndsey Nelson said...

haha! that opening picture of the kid in the peep picture just made me laugh out loud in lecture. oops!

Anonymous said...

I wrote an anti-Easter/peep post. I was waiting for your hate mail, but a counter blog is also fun since you didn't even know.