September 30, 2009


Are these not the cutest (albeit creepy as hell) pears you've ever seen? A pear farmer in China has figured out how to grow pears that look like baby Buddhas. Hao Xianzhang attaches "baby-shaped fiberglass and plastic molds" to young pears for six months, resulting in these enlightened fruit.

"People called me crazy," the farmer said to Reuters. "They said I was whimsical and it was impossible to grow baby-shaped fruits. They told me to stop wasting my time and money."

He's already sold 18,000 pears for 50 yuan ( the equivalent of around $7) each. Looks like Hao gets the last 笑 (laugh).

September 28, 2009


There's no denying how difficult it is to find affordable and eco-friendly beauty products. But, fret no more! Physician's Formula just came out with these great face wipes that effectively remove makeup and smell *simply* amazing (like Aveda products; one of my all-time favorite scents.) They come in a cute reusable silver tin and are available at any corner Walgreens.

September 14, 2009


the PERFECT leopard ballet flat.

blame it on the henney?

for those of you who may not know, I have been a loyal, undying and some may say delusional kanye fan for years. all cockiness and d-bagginess aside, he's an incredibly talented, outgoing (ha) and innovative producer/artist.

however, I don't think he'll be recovering so easily from this one. damnit kanye, hold your alcohol and your tongue. props to the rest of the ROC dynasty. stay classy b and jay.