February 26, 2010

rude boy

Go behind-the-scenes with Rihanna as she shoots the Melina-directed music video for her brand new single "Rude Boy." As I was watching the original video (if you haven't seen it, click here, it's SO '90s fabulous, but then again Rihanna is so hot she can do no wrong) I was thinking how awkward it must have been to shake it like that in front of a green screen. Nope, Riri makes everything look easy (I'm sure that champagne helped a little bit, too.)


cashmere. leggings.

...and those were just one of the luxe details at the D&G Autumn-Winter 10/11 show during Milan Fashion Week. After reading tweet after tweet about "cashmere fair isle leggings! bedazzled goggles! fur boots!" from fashion bloggers at the show, I could barely contain my excitement for the release of the looks, and have to say, they do not disappoint. It all makes me wish I could move to a chateau in Lucerne and bundle up with some silky blouses, chunky cream/black (I mean, did they read my mind?) fair isle and, of course, furry boots.

ps: aren't those floral shorts are a great little surprise? spring hasn't forgotten about us...yet.

February 25, 2010

gold standard

looking forward to when the sun will shine again.

throwback thursday

1999 The Roots, "The Next Movement."

good song, even better video. I love when rappers don't take themselves too seriously.

February 24, 2010

it's here

you know I had to scream it from the top of every social media outlet I could...


expect great things. (I'm talking to you, haters.)

C O double L E G E

not only can these kids spell better than most college grads I know, they can rap too. fun and jazzy fresh (any excuse to use that phrase...) with no shortage of old-school beats, the 5th-grade hip-hop trio "3 Titans" is a breath of fresh air. let's just hope they don't follow kanye's lead.

read more here.

created couture

not even the world of high fashion can escape social media. first it was the UK GQ interactive live-streaming of the burberry menswear show from milan fashion week. then, the 3d burberry show at london fashion week. now, cassette playa has taken LFW to an entirely different level altogether, debuting the first ever live augmented reality performance. enjoy.

furberry prorsum

the burberry prorsum autumn-winter 2010/2011 line debuted yesterday as part of london fashion week, and it is SICK. I saw one specific trend threaded throughout the entire ready-to-wear line: FUR (my loyal readers already know my penchant for all things warm and fuzzy.)

dark fur. light fur. long fur. short fur. belted fur. ragged fur. thick, shiny fur — I adore it all. and apparently so does burberry. the furry, chunky coats are balanced perfectly by almost-opaque black tights and military inspired boots and booties.

looks #3 and #5 are my favs.

click through the entire show here

February 23, 2010

passport photos

these passport photos of famous artists, writers, poets, actors and photographers are incredibly interesting — a glance into the lives of ordinary people momentarily shed of their artistic personas.

and wasn't hemingway quite the dapper young lad?

rgb vs. grayscale

February 22, 2010

the truth

how funny that I found this quote while searching for "Chelsea" typefaces. more specifically, I'm looking for styleguide typefaces for my next self-branding portfolio project. what do ya think? is it me? it annoyed me at first, but the quirky "R" is growing on me.

mashup monday

Today's hard-to-find mashup comes from dj n-wee. Jay-Z's "Black Album" vs. Pavement's "Slanted and Enchanted." Way better than the "Grey Album," in my opinion.

Download the album here. I like 2, 3, 6, 9 and 10.

serious drool

This awe-inspiring pad (excuse me, "pod") was designed by FitzSimmons Architects for the Flaming Lips' Oklahoma residence. I never imagined an interior could actually rival the trippiness of their music, but FitzSimmons came damn close. Perhaps Mr. Wayne Coyne said it best..."now you are entering into the drug damaged, artist element of our home."

found here

Here is an oldie (but a goodie) from the Lips.

February 19, 2010

two words

vagina. cupcakes.

the latest issue of Bodytalk looks amazing! these vibrant, sexual cakes are an innovative and, let's face it, fucking outrageous, solution to what is usually a very confusing topic. (does it get any more confusing than women's sexuality?) props to Sarah, the designer...who else could request an order of "psychedelic vagina" cupcakes with such poise? not many, I imagine.

check out the issue here.

black & tan

black suede, chunky tan heel, hidden platform...the perfect pump.

February 17, 2010

i spy...

quilted chanel. coveted rubie green sheets. black and white stripes. stacked paperbacks. a splash of pale turquoise. and a stream of sunlight that would make Vermeer roll over in his grave. (respect.)

February 9, 2010

i promise i do more than just watch sweet music videos all day...


Kinetic typography. "Umbrella" beat. Cudi. Heavy on the strings. Perfection.

Not familiar with Dan Black? Here's the video and song he's best known for...yes, he's the skinny white Brit rapping/singing Biggie's Hypnotize to the same Umbrella ella ella beat.

oh, and guess who's excited for the debut of K's new blog? THIS GIRL. Dan Black Feat. Kid Cudi - Symphonies Remix

February 8, 2010

mashup monday

Pretty Lights. and beats.

Although Pretty Lights' work is a little more electronic than I usually go for, their heavy sampling and synthesis of classic hip-hop beats easily won me over within the first 30 seconds. (what can I say? I'm easy. and predictable.) they remind me of what a really well-organized acid trip might sound like. plus, any music that gives me the urge to lie down on my office floor and gaze up at the fluorescent lights while murmuring "prettttty ligggghttts" has got to be good. for the record, I haven't done that. yet.

The work, produced through a technique called "digital sampling," is thoughtful and refreshing. Bursting with glitchy beats, buzzing synth and plenty of soul, Pretty Lights will surely add a caffeine-free buzz to your day. Oh, and did I mention all their work is available FOR FREE online? Thanks Pretty Lights, and thanks for the recommendation, Hoff.

Listen to and learn about the creative genius behind Pretty Lights here.

February 7, 2010

if you please

These are sounding pretty good right about now...especially because they're BLACK AND GOLD.

February 5, 2010

lovely things

I'll take them all, please. (ps: that Marc Jacobs purse is only $35!)

oh, and get ready for all things red, pink, hearts, love and mushiness for the next week...valentine's day is my favorite!

and one last, completely unrelated (or is it?) lovely thing...kanye at his greatest (imo) LIVE.

February 3, 2010

stunna shades

These babies by Alexander Wang are an edgier, albeit pricier, option to this year's tired — but STILL classic — Wayfarer. Wang partnered with Linda Farrow (ultra-chic British eyewear brand according to Teen Vogue) and of the four collaborated designs, this zipper-accented model is my fave.


just a little peek at what I've been working on instead of blogging. never fear...I'll be back.

my own terra evite mock-up

February 2, 2010