February 19, 2010

two words

vagina. cupcakes.

the latest issue of Bodytalk looks amazing! these vibrant, sexual cakes are an innovative and, let's face it, fucking outrageous, solution to what is usually a very confusing topic. (does it get any more confusing than women's sexuality?) props to Sarah, the designer...who else could request an order of "psychedelic vagina" cupcakes with such poise? not many, I imagine.

check out the issue here.


Sarah said...

Thanks for the lovely post, Chelsea! Happy you like the zine—we're very excited about it. I am also completely coveting the pumps you've posted below....those and a pair of opaque black tights sound oh so perfect.

Hope you're well!


Lauren said...

This is amazing. My next cupcake project: Vajayjays. Wonder what flavor those are?