November 22, 2009

all I want for christmas this well-designed Typotheque planner and sketchbook; it's like my beloved quo and moleskine combined! I also like how it lists all international, multi-religious holidays (who doesn't need more reasons to celebrate? happy pesach!) PLUS, my favorite number is 10. looks like 2010 is going to be a great year.

November 18, 2009

sneak peek

seeing as how the trifecta of Angel hotness — referring to Gisele, Heidi and Adriana, of course — are all either massively preggers or still semi-massive new mamas, it looks like baby angel (how appropriate!) Miranda Kerr will be headlining the 2009 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Despite being an Adriana purist (I'd say she runs second only to Kanye in my celebrity-love roster, but then again I haven't read Twilight...yet) all I can say is that,'re looking damn good.

Thanks Elle, for the preview. The full show will be aired to the public on December 1st, more info here.

photos: Elle

November 9, 2009

homemade toner

after years of using tea tree oil and witch hazel separately to control my unfathomably moody skin, I came to the genius (if I do say so myself) conclusion of combining the two. duh. the result is a tingly solution that controls both oil and bacteria.

21st Century Tea Tree Oil (I found it in the natural area of Hy-Vee) is my favorite brand of tea tree oil because it leaves a clean, non-oily finish on skin, but any brand of skin-friendly tea tree oil would work just as well. just unscrew the cap to your witch hazel and pour in about .75 fl oz. of the oil or about 1/3 of a small bottle. pour on a cotton pad and let your pores breathe!

birthday week

old age is catching up with me, and I will soon be 23. I would like to feast upon these very fashionable cupcakes...

while cozying up with this blazer....

and wearing this sweater/necklace combination. (beautiful.)

okay, so the chances of me celebrating with such luxuries is highly unlikely. rather, my birthday will probably include plenty of cheap pink champagne, some caterpillar rolls and a new pair of thigh high American Apparel stockings — and I wouldn't have it any other way. I guess the Chanel pearls and Louis Vuitton trunk will just have to wait until 24 :)

chanel, elizabeth and james, chanel

November 2, 2009


I would love to curl up inside this house all winter.

photo via acupofjo

November 1, 2009


photo: goforchris