October 31, 2009

black and gold

in light of today's mizzou and iowa games...another source of black and gold inspiration.

chloe susan boot


can't believe I watched the whole thing. okay, yes I can. and damn, I want it.

October 30, 2009

happy halloween!

pumpkins get graphic AND sexy (who knew?!) with some clever pantone carving and fishnet stockings.

pantone pumpkin: Joe Buckland via Veer
sexy pumpkins: unknown

October 22, 2009

halloween preview

Really hard to guess, I know. Also, I'm not wearing those actual boots (sadly, $575 is not in my budget right now...) but will be wearing a similar wallet-friendly style I found here.

picking pumpykins

Okay, so the word "pumpykins" looks a lot worse than it sounds. Say it out loud. Amazing, right? Anyways, I finally talked the boy into going pumpkin picking with me last Sunday. We drove a beautiful two hours to New Haven, MO, which led us right through Hermann, MO. Why have I not visited these adorable towns sooner?! Hermann was beyond cute, complete with gingerbread buildings, sunken beer gardens and plenty of local, five in one block. Unfortunately, we were just passing through this time and didn't stop for any, but I'm looking forward to revisiting the town later this year when it becomes a miniature Christmas village. Then I will drink plenty of wine and shop to my heart's content. trust.

October 16, 2009

being sick sucks.

but these citrus-filled products are softening the blow a bit. lemony flutter is a cuticle cream I just purchased from LUSH, and there are literally no words to describe must try it yourself. It's this amazingly thick paste and is just slightly greasy on contact, but absorbs like a dream. I have been using it all over my body, and consequently smell like a thousand-lemon explosion. the vitamin water is far less exciting, but as important to the healing process.

back to bed...

ps: if you've never been to or purchased anything from LUSH, you must. immediately. it's an all-natural cosmetics store with locations all over the world, and everything they sell is homemade, smells phenomenal and feels even better on skin and hair. their bath bombs are the bomb (duh), caca brun henna hair dye makes my hair super shiny and their dusting powder MELTS on contact with skin. (my personal fave is the jasmine-scented "silky underwear")

October 7, 2009

short and sheer — Valentino 2010

If you're anything like me, you've already embraced the still very slight chill in the air and prematurely broken out the leather boots, cashmere sweaters and fur-trimmed everything. Valentino, however, is giving us something light and airy to look forward to in the next six months with the ethereal 2010 ready to wear line...and there's not a single red dress in sight! Delicate fabrics like organza and tulle in a palette of dove gray, lavender and butter yellow (my favorite!) were combined with just-edgy-enough feathered booties and stilettos that I will be dreaming of until spring break.

October 5, 2009


Just a few things I've been working on in addition to editing salon and spa brochures (and getting paid in spa treatments) and teaching outdoor Pilates to old ladies (okay, life really isn't too bad...) I am also director of the Callaway Co. Pilates for PINK event here in lovely Fulton. Here is a rough design of the official event flyer, followed by a Homecoming t-shirt design for ACME.