October 22, 2009

picking pumpykins

Okay, so the word "pumpykins" looks a lot worse than it sounds. Say it out loud. Amazing, right? Anyways, I finally talked the boy into going pumpkin picking with me last Sunday. We drove a beautiful two hours to New Haven, MO, which led us right through Hermann, MO. Why have I not visited these adorable towns sooner?! Hermann was beyond cute, complete with gingerbread buildings, sunken beer gardens and plenty of local, five in one block. Unfortunately, we were just passing through this time and didn't stop for any, but I'm looking forward to revisiting the town later this year when it becomes a miniature Christmas village. Then I will drink plenty of wine and shop to my heart's content. trust.


Anonymous said...

hermann really is the one of the cutest places ever. I wish I got to visit more.

chelsea said...

I know, why didn't we go EVERY weekend of EVERY year we were at mizzou? oh yeah, we went to delta chi.