October 16, 2009

being sick sucks.

but these citrus-filled products are softening the blow a bit. lemony flutter is a cuticle cream I just purchased from LUSH, and there are literally no words to describe must try it yourself. It's this amazingly thick paste and is just slightly greasy on contact, but absorbs like a dream. I have been using it all over my body, and consequently smell like a thousand-lemon explosion. the vitamin water is far less exciting, but as important to the healing process.

back to bed...

ps: if you've never been to or purchased anything from LUSH, you must. immediately. it's an all-natural cosmetics store with locations all over the world, and everything they sell is homemade, smells phenomenal and feels even better on skin and hair. their bath bombs are the bomb (duh), caca brun henna hair dye makes my hair super shiny and their dusting powder MELTS on contact with skin. (my personal fave is the jasmine-scented "silky underwear")

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