November 17, 2010

imaginary reality

Korean artist Yeondoo Jung turns children's drawings into awesome reality.


coach holiday

The Coach Holiday line debuted last night, complete with style blogger features and picks.

I am fully obsessed with the Glamourai anyway, but then she goes and chooses a holiday spread like this - cream, gold, sequins and fur?

Yes, please.

(My personal Coach Holiday picks to come...)


November 16, 2010

royal ring

The future Princess Catherine debuted her engagement ring at St. James's Palace in London today. The same ring as Diana wore, this sucker cost £30,000 (in 1981) and is made from 14 diamonds encircling a sapphire. Oh, and it's still GORGEOUS. 

I swear I saw a version of this engagement ring circling the blogosophere a few months ago. Far cheaper. Of course now I desperately want it.  

(P.S. get a mani, Kate)


November 15, 2010

birthday things

three to be exact.
 (I've been pretty weak on the photo front.)

1) birthday dinner (AND CAKE.)

2) birthday cards.

3) birthday trip, and first trip ever, to the zoo to see the...otters? (do all boys do this, Danielle?)

thanks to all involved in making the transition to 24 not suck!

November 10, 2010

interior creepage

As a child, and those of you who know me know I had an EXCEPTIONALLY imaginative childhood, I used to try and peek into the lit windows of houses as my mom would drive by — a futile attempt at perhaps catching a glimpse of the people and things and animals living their everyday life inside. 

Creepy, I know. I like to think this fascination stems from my favorite childhood book Busy Day, Busy People.

Well now, my dream has (kind of) come true. John Selby, everyone's favorite fashion and interior design photographer, is giving us an artistic (and far less creepy) look at the interiors and homeowners of beautiful houses all over the world. 

In book form!

View the complete The Selby Is In Your Place book online until this Friday, November 12th (also known as the best day of the year.) 

I absolutely love all the handwritten notes, sketches and commentary.

And who else would kill to have that Hermès sign in their bathroom?

November 9, 2010

awesome stuff that no one needs

Chanel raft. Because looking chic is very important when in a rowboat at the Lake of the Ozarks.
Hermes coloring book. For the child who colors within the lines, and always with the correct PMS color scheme.
Gucci 3D Sunglasses. For someone really stupid.

Missoni bath mat. For the discerning sole.

Prada tea bags. Because tea time wasn't pretentious enough already.

Louis Vuitton cigar case. For Kanye (natch.)

Cynthia Rowley diapers. For babies who lounge around on sheepskin rugs all day.

Tory Burch electric cart around the baby in Cynthia Rowley diapers.

Gucci bicycle. For when you bike to Diddy's White party.

Marc Jacobs surfboard.  But, sorry, you'll still look lame when you wipe the fuck out.

November 8, 2010

whatever she's selling, I want it

Leighton looks absolutely stunning this past weekend while shooting a commercial for the next Vera Wang fragrance, out in stores next summer. 

What a pretty wedding dress this would make in ivory.


mr. rager

CuDi, the rapper who has made tortured souls the new sexy, drops his new hotness "Man On The Moon II (The Legend Of Mr. Rager)" tomorrow. But, of course half the world already has the complete album.

Including me. 

Currently digging: All Along, Erase Me (surprised? I think not), REVOFEV, Mojo So Dope (it' dope), Marijuana and Wild'N Cuz I'm Young (cuz I'm young. and wild'n.)

Read a legit review here.

hot wings

How did I forget about this other epic November holiday? Ladies and gentlemen, mark your calendars — The 2011 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show airs on November 30th.

Bazaar takes us on a behind the scenes look at Lindsay Ellingson’s fitting with one of the featured wing designers, Juliette Meurisse, to get the real scoop on those famous feathers. 

How awesome to have the professional title of "Wing Designer."

PS: Fourth photo. Adriana? Is that you? If you can hear me, I love you.

November 6, 2010

G.O.O.D Saturday

finally! a J. Cole feature! slated for release tonight.

...and it did not disappoint. Big Sean & J. Cole KILL it. Also, can't wait for J. Cole's mixtape "Friday Night Lights." Comes out Nov. 12th, happy birthday to me.

November 5, 2010


...but awesome.

Marc Jacobs Silly Bandz here

November 4, 2010

good month

Red cups at Starby's. Election win. Weezy out of jail. Cudi's new album. My birthday. Kanye's new album. THANKSGIVING.

Now, this...

Three words:
Lanvin for H&M

Two more:
November 23rd

Final four:
Hells to the YES


FREE WEE...wait.

welcome back.


November 3, 2010

national holiday

this one goes out to all my faraway Starbucks lovers.


go boy. (or man friend?) whateves. either way - WIN.


Instead of writing a novel, I have dubbed this month...National Blog Posting Month. Blog posts, novels, they're practically the same thing anyway. I will post at least once a day throughout the month of November (try to contain your excitement.)

Ready. Set. GO.

First up - Kanye's epic hip hop opera of stunnerific proportions. Too bad this didn't come out sooner, I could have totally been a 5'10" twitchy bird for Halloween.