November 10, 2010

interior creepage

As a child, and those of you who know me know I had an EXCEPTIONALLY imaginative childhood, I used to try and peek into the lit windows of houses as my mom would drive by — a futile attempt at perhaps catching a glimpse of the people and things and animals living their everyday life inside. 

Creepy, I know. I like to think this fascination stems from my favorite childhood book Busy Day, Busy People.

Well now, my dream has (kind of) come true. John Selby, everyone's favorite fashion and interior design photographer, is giving us an artistic (and far less creepy) look at the interiors and homeowners of beautiful houses all over the world. 

In book form!

View the complete The Selby Is In Your Place book online until this Friday, November 12th (also known as the best day of the year.) 

I absolutely love all the handwritten notes, sketches and commentary.

And who else would kill to have that Hermès sign in their bathroom?

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