August 24, 2009


no, not THAT kind of cabbage, although I am one of those freaks who actually likes the food version. I'm talking about the kinder, gentler and sexier dress version offered up by Free People. I just ordered this dress for a wedding, and think it will look great with some tasteful black pumps now, black tights and booties later.

here's some other Free People looks that I'm lusting after. Military accents, cream/black (YES) plus a little lace...oh my.

all found here

August 12, 2009

yes please

"Louis Vuitton will soon be releasing a book, giving you a detailed look into the various collaborative projects that the brand has been involved in. Louis Vuitton: Art, Fashion And Architecture will also come in limited edition Takashi Murakami version.

The book offers, for the first time in the luxury brand’s history, a critical selection of the creative exchanges forged between Louis Vuitton and a growing number of designers from the worlds of art, architecture, design, photography and fashion. This richly illustrated anthology is supplemented by critical essays that analyse and shed new light on Louis Vuitton’s commitment during one of the most fertile periods of contemporary creation. Written by international critics from the world of art, fashion and architecture, this work, stretching over 400 pages and illustrated with 400 colour documents, will be released in three languages – French, English and Italian – and will be available in bookshops, published respectively by de La Martinière, Rizzoli NY and Rizzoli Italia.

A deluxe edition exclusively designed for Louis Vuitton by Takashi Murakami will be for sale in Louis Vuitton stores and on from September 1st 2009."

check out this great animated movie by Camille Scherrer and witness the book come to life.