February 8, 2010

mashup monday

Pretty Lights. and beats.

Although Pretty Lights' work is a little more electronic than I usually go for, their heavy sampling and synthesis of classic hip-hop beats easily won me over within the first 30 seconds. (what can I say? I'm easy. and predictable.) they remind me of what a really well-organized acid trip might sound like. plus, any music that gives me the urge to lie down on my office floor and gaze up at the fluorescent lights while murmuring "prettttty ligggghttts" has got to be good. for the record, I haven't done that. yet.

The work, produced through a technique called "digital sampling," is thoughtful and refreshing. Bursting with glitchy beats, buzzing synth and plenty of soul, Pretty Lights will surely add a caffeine-free buzz to your day. Oh, and did I mention all their work is available FOR FREE online? Thanks Pretty Lights, and thanks for the recommendation, Hoff.

Listen to and learn about the creative genius behind Pretty Lights here.

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