April 7, 2009

Favorite Fonts

yes, I called them fonts. I don't think I'm experienced enough to say I am an expert on typefaces yet, so this is just a list of where I am right now with my font preferences. 

Helvetica Neue Ultralight: duh

Baskerville: classic

Big Caslon: so elegant, but the sharp points are menacing at the same time; kind of like how stilettos are both dangerous AND feminine.

Tw Cen: similar feel to Gill Sans, but not nearly as recognizable 

Din: thanks to Sarah and Renovate | Style, I really enjoy the versatility of this one. It can look fun  (light) or serious and technical (condensed)

BlairMDITC: used a lot on book covers, and looks great with lots of tracking and kerning

Rockwell: I can never make it look good in my own work, but really appreciate it when I see it done well in other design 

Comic Sans: ha, just kidding! I appreciate you even reading this far.

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