April 21, 2009

Louis Vuitton Don

Okay, so there's been mention of Kanye A LOT in the media lately, and I feel obligated to at least say a few words about his new Louis Vuitton shoe campaign, South Park parody (which, by the way, was gold) and a new release with the Clipse and Kaws.

First, the shoes. The "Louis Vuitton Don" has truly lived up to his self-given nickname and just launched his shoe campaign with the French luxury name. A few of the ads are a bit risque, but definitely in high fashion taste rather than sleaze.

The shoes range from around $700-$1200. *editor's note: thank you Tim for filling me in on the even more obnoxious price tag. The pink-soled shoes retail at around $1140. What!? Even for Louis Vuitton this is ridiculous, especially in comparison to their extremely popular and classic "Speedy" purse that runs around $500. Yes, not cheap, but I think many would pay much more for a purse than a pair of obnoxious sneakers (sorry K). But, just in case one pair of overpriced urbanized designer shoes isn't enough, they do come in multiple colors. As far aesthetics go, I am liking the all-red leather ones featured in his ad above — I mean, if you're going to go with the suit and sneakers look, go all the way.

Next, the South Park parody. I must admit I was a bit worried about this one seeing as how my loyalty to Kanye is blind, undying and all-consuming and everyone else's love for him is, well, nonexistent. I ended up thoroughly enjoying the episode and thought they effectively ripped him to shreds by not only making fun of his ego (to be expected) but also his ridiculous sense of determination and lack of self-awareness. I, personally, just love that they used such horrible graphics for his concert set; Kanye would never stand for that typeface!

On another note, the Carlos Mencia rip was long overdue.

Lastly, Kanye along with the Clipse and Kaws recently released a new song (with no shortage of hater shout-outs) called "Kinda Like a Big Deal."

...Kinda Like a Big Deal? Not so original, but hey, at least Kanye isn't depressed anymore.

The track is a little raw, but a nice beat compliments of Mr. West and the lyrical work of the Clipse make up for any production shortcomings. It is a refreshing step away from the over-produced and over-synthesized mash-up of crap that has been released on the hip hop scene lately — thank you T-Pain for starting a horrendous mainstream hip hop trend that has mysteriously creeped its way into the underground and just will.not.leave.

With this release, however, it looks like the synthesizer might finally be on its way out.

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