April 1, 2009


For me, there is nothing more inspiring than just looking at a ton of stuff. Although it may not be the most professional way to go about designing, it sure gives me ideas. These are some of my favorite inspiration posters; clearly I focus more on typography than actual illustration, which I think is pretty telling of my personal style. 
One of my favorite bands! I love the flower child theme they've got going on. It's a much needed and drastic change from other band posters circulating the lampposts.

Pink and red are two of my favorite colors (especially together), and I think this poster does it in a nice, subtle way. The designer lets the text scream at you rather than using just the color for impact.

Chartreuse! Ah! I love it! And I know some people hate filled bowls, but I think it can make an impact when needed. It can be particularly effective and more relevant when used for events and publications that cater to designers; they can appreciate it rather than wonder what happened to the "Os."
First off, adorable dogs. They would be even more adorable if they were twin pugs. Secondly, as a self-proclaimed hater of all "baby" colors, aka pastels, I must admit that this dusky purple succeeds in feeling quite modern.

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