April 8, 2009

Meet Jason

Jason is a designer for a branch of the HNTB Architecture and Engineering firm. Learn a little bit more about him and see what advice he has for beginning designers. 

1. What inspired you to become a designer?
I always wanted to be an architect but I sucked at math so I discovered graphic design. This is how a lot of graphic designers come to be.

2. How many years of experience do you have in the field, and how extensive is your design education?
I have over 11 years of experience in the field. My design education is very extensive, considering it never ends even when you have a job. How much college have I had? That isn't the simplest of questions. I started at JCCC to get my basics out of the way. After that I went to KU for a year. Then back to JCCC to enroll in their graphic design program. Eventually I graduated with an Associated degree and over 160 hours of school. UGH!

3. What do you wish you had known as a beginning designer?
That I also need to be a salesman. You're constantly selling your ideas, not just explaining them.

4. When and why did you begin specializing in graphic design, as opposed to magazine or book design?
I don't like designing inside a box. Those are both too limiting. Said by someone that follows a corporate standards manual. =)

5. When did you begin work at HNTB?

6. Describe a typical day on the job (the more specific, the better!)
I work in the marketing department within HNTB Architecture. I work on new business proposals, interviews (fancy dog and pony shows). I work on trade shows, magazine ads, career fairs and any internal or external collateral needs. Any given day I could be working on any or all of these things.

7. What kinds of pressures are you under in this position?
Lots of tight deadlines and a high expectation of excellence.

8. What design trends are you predicting for 2009?

9. How do you keep your work up-to-date and current with these trends?
Books, magazines, annuals, design blogs and portals and lectures. I don't get too big into trends. I stick with classic design rules and that seems work. Observing the world around me is my biggest influence.

10. Your favorite and least favorite part of the job?
Winning a huge project and being a part of that success. Losing a job and being a part of that.

11. What kind of software do you use regularly, and how important are web design skills for designers and art directors? 
The CD suite Photoshop, Indesign, Illustrator and in the web world Flash and Dreamweaver. I think it should be mandatory to have some web knowledge.

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