April 29, 2009

This Week in Design

So, I have a lot of design work to post. First — pet covers! Here are the redesigns I will be showing tomorrow. I decided to keep the photo collage going and create a dominant image. I like how the speech bubbles give the pets a "voice," because afterall, this is THEIR issue.

I love pugs. I made this cover just because I think a simple pet shot gets the message across on a cover. In my mind it would be a photographed piece, and the dog would have a leash (attached to their collar) lying on the ground, their owner in the distance running after them. 

Global Journalist. I was a little nervous because of the more serious mood of this publication because I tend to have a bit too much fun with my designs sometimes. However, I lucked out because the Peru piece I was assigned has beautiful photography that basically did the design for me. I have three pages, starting on a single right splash page. I stared at that single blank page's so hard to go from double-truck openers to single pagers. I decided 
I wanted to use the pristine and beautiful photo of the Machu Picchu landscape in contrast with the photograph of a hoard of tourists on the second spread for contrast. So, I was stuck with this somewhat ambiguous horizontal photo to use on my opening page; I just couldn't really figure out what to do. I ended up using a black bar  slightly overlapping the first photo to create a visual barrier representative of how tourism is destroying and "overlapping" the beauty of Machu Picchu. I like the font because I don't find it distracts from the photography or the content, but at the same time looks current.

Renovate | Style. Pictured here is my "Hats to Home" feature. I was very pleased with the way the entire feature developed. My theory behind the trippy opening spread was born from a single word that caught my eye in the dek..."shift." After reading that, I decided to "shift"
 different parts of the image to reflect the shifting of both the interior of the lofts after their renovation, the exterior of the building over the years and also the neighborhood. This story featured a more modern interior than the rest of the features, so I just decided to go with it instead of trying a traditional layout that would make no sense with the content. 

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Lyndsey Nelson said...

I love your pet covers!!!! They're both so cute and awesome, made me smile when I saw them haha. Great job!