February 3, 2009

Redesign 2: VOX Cover

My last cover was way too specific in both text and visuals, so I expanded the new design to emphasize the much more important trend of indie bands promoting their music in any possible way. I came across this photo on flickr (downloaded legally!) and immediately thought it worked well to convey the facelessness of these indie bands before they gain recognition. The only way most indies can get their music heard is by promoting, promoting, promoting. If they finally succeed, only then is their band name MAYBE scrolled on the bottom of the screen during a TV show. It's gotta be rough, so instead of calling them outright "sell-outs," I tried to give them a story and a reason for why they do what they do. 

Since the subject matter of indie bands is usually associated with odd color combinations and really great graphically-designed concert posters, I was able to have a lot of creativity with the color palette. I decided to work with light blue and red. Separately, those colors are nothing special (baby blue? more like baby BLAH. and we all know red can get OLD, fast) but I think putting them together is a little less predictable. This less-expected color combination mirrors the individuality and edge most indie bands try to embody. And, maybe this is just me, but silvery light blue always gives me a feeling of something new and sleek, like the new technology these bands are undoubtedly using for their music and publicity. 

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