February 18, 2009

VOX Designs

Pictured above is my redesigned Vox cover before they changed it to gold. I agree with the final decision to go with gold simply because it's a more universally understood color for a candy wrapper and the purple may have printed a bit too dark on the newsprint. Visually, however, I like the purple and the richer brown (but then again, I definitely prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate so maybe that's just my stomach talking.)

Above is my first department spread of the semester. It was a little strange going from feature spreads and covers to departments simply because there is a lot less creative freedom when doing department pages. I tried to have some fun with good ol' Abe nonetheless, and I think  a 200th birthday is definitely deserving of a party hat.

When I arrived at the VOX office last week to work on my departments, I discovered I got a whole HALF a page for the book section! I had to improvise and use a stock photo instead of using my original Abe illustration (below). The headline included in the illustration below would have had to be cropped anyway, so it all worked out in the end. The new text-wrapped photo makes what may have been an otherwise uninteresting topic (sorry Mr. Lincoln) seem more fun and appropriate for the VOX audience. 

I enjoy working on the department pages. Though there are more regulations it is fun to try and make do with what you're given and create something visually appealing. 

The back of book section is the other page of my department, and this page is even more limited in creativity. I get to choose the "On The Job" photo (I chose this one because it features a boot, so there's no doubt about what this man does for a living), the spot color and which quote gets the mugshot. Exciting stuff. 

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