February 11, 2009

New VOX Cover

Here is my completed VOX cover for tomorrow's 2.12 issue, sorry it's so small I had to borrow it from the VOX site for the time being. I'm really happy with the result, although now I realize the white text within the "O" is a little difficult to read. Big thanks to Meredith for her help with the foil effect. I tried the foil in a multitude of colors: silver = gray mess, red-pink = a little too "my-bloody-valentine," purple = the best option and reminiscent of Patric's chocolate labels. (picture to come) The editorial board thought the purple would print a bit too dark, however, and worried that the VOX readers may not make the connection between Patric's bars and the purple, so gold was decided as the final color. This way you can really tell that it's supposed to be foil and it evokes that Willy Wonka golden ticket excitement. I'm sooo glad they kept the foil-effect for the "VOX," that was one of my favorite elements to this cover. The other is the little sliver of the chocolate "O" that's peeking out.


Philip Prouhet said...

Great cover Chelsea. It is beautiful and easy for a reader to understand that it is chocolate. The way you incorporated the peeling foil with the ear tease is visually appealing and very fun. Can't wait to see it in print tomorrow.

Sarah said...

Ooooh, it's so pretty and glossy and now i want some chocolate.

And, have you seen it today? It even looks amazing on that gross Vox paper!

You did such a fantastic job. Congratulations!

Kristin said...

I too LOVE the cover. That little part of the chocolate O is perfect!

I liked the purple too when I saw it this weekend, but the gold turned out really well and you should be proud!