February 3, 2009

Photo #3

I have been collecting wine corks since the good ol' underage days of swiping corks from restaurants and raiding various friends' wine cellar garbage cans. When I went to Italy sophomore year of college for a summer, the collection nearly tripled and a hobby was born. What can I say, Italians like their wine. While I still have no concrete plan as to what exactly I will do with them, I know whatever it is will be huge and AMAZING. Here is a macro of part of the collection. They sit in a laundry basket in a corner of my room, anxiously awaiting the next empty bottle of Pinot Noir.

I'm starting to think this hobby of mine may be getting out of control.

TRUTH: I frequent wineries and hang around creepily waiting to decork discarded wine bottles. My friend Kolleen captured one of my "finest" moments.

TRUTH: I awoke one morning to find a grocery bag full of corks left anonymously on my doorstep. Don't worry, I poked the bag carefully with a stick to ensure there were no explosives before bringing them inside.

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