February 18, 2009

Welcome to Heartbreak

Um, if you didn't know...I love Kanye. So much, in fact, that I need your help. I have such undying devotion for him and his work (as a producer, mostly) that I have a hard time figuring out if some of the stuff is really genius or if I worship it just because it's Yeezy. Whether a lover or a hater, you have to admit that there is no shortage of creativity when it comes to West.

He recently released an unofficial music video for the song "Welcome to Heartbreak." 
This is one of my favorite songs on the new album — others: Heartless, Robocop and See You In My Nightmares — because it shows a darker, more humble (gasp!) side of West. I've always been a fan of his flashy neon style, which he has combined with an interesting pixelated effect in this video. It's like the Homecoming video, but on acid. When I started watching Heartbreak, I thought my internet was cutting out. So sneaky, that Kanye. He probably WANTED me to curse at the computer. Once I realized that was the desired effect, I thought it looked a little elementary. However, the more I watch it the more I appreciate the intricacy of the transitions. My final consensus: this video is hot, but should have been used for a more upbeat song, like "Paranoid." What do you think; genius or garbage?

ps: Kanye has a design blog too. It's meant to be.

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I can't say I love/hate Kanye. I think I'm somewhere in between, but I his Heartless video is one of the few music videos I've seen this semester, and I think it's really awesome because it's completely animated, but not in a totally cartoon-y way (if that makes sense). It made me see Kanye in a different, MORE creative way, I think, because before I just saw him as the rapper who dissed Bush on national television.