February 18, 2009

AceJet Update: 'Arry Pottah

It seems these book redesigns are all over the blogosphere (I lose a little self-respect every time I use this word, but I've gotten over it seeing as how no other word better embodies just what the "blogosphere" deal) this week, and for good reason. AceJet recently expressed his hatred for the content of the Harry Potter books but his love for the new cover designs by M.S. Corley. Even better, Corley did this FOR FUN. Give me that kind of motivation, a free Saturday, some caffeine and there will probably be a graphic redesign of my entire bookshelf. 
As much as I appreciate this new graphic interpretation of the series, it looks a little too Northwest Native American for my taste. The house screen pictured above is an example of this region's flat and graphic traditional design. Although I know Corley is trying to get as far away from magic and illustration as possible, I think these covers lack the whimsy and mystery embodied in the text.  Do you like how far-removed they are from the original? Discuss.

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MMP said...

Chelsea, first of all, where's your stuff? I wanna see your Renovate designs! Second, nice comments on the Harry Potter book redesigns. I haven't seen this before, so I'm intrigued. I agree with you about the designs. One of my favorite things about the Potter series were the cover wrap designs. I love illustration, and what is better to illustrate than wizard fantasy? The new designs seem more fitting to Once and Future King books or Lord of the Rings. They are taking the books just a bit too seriously. The work you presented for Renovation Style was very nice. I liked how you showed your thought process in your presentation. I think with a few minor tweaks your designs can be a bit more sleek and less playful. Although I like playful (see Harry Potter comments) it seemed in the meeting at Meredith Corporation that the editors were intent on the idea that their readers were uppercrust. But I like that you tried to push it. Nice work. Love, Meredith (the TA, not the project.)