March 17, 2010

leave the foam at home

Marcel Vigneron, the almost Top Chef we all love to hate (or in my case, love to LOVE), is back! Everyone's favorite molecular gastronomist is starring in a new avant-garde cooking show, called "Marcel's Quantum Kitchen" on the SyFy network. In each episode, Marcel and his new catering and event company will be hired by a demanding client to produce an extraordinary celebration or event. Based on client requests, Marcel will dream up a theme and cuisine for each event; ranging from fairy-tale graduation party and a Goth-rock fashion show, to a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new subway line.

While the premise is far from earth-shattering in its conception, the show sounds like a solid hour of entertainment each week.

I have only two requests, Marcel: MORE HAIR GEL, LESS FOAM.

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