March 25, 2010

big momma

If you're not familiar with this strange brew, it is kombucha. Kombucha, or "bacteria water" as my friends lovingly refer to it, is a fermented mushroom drink that is not nearly as scary as it sounds. Read more of me babbling about my love of it here. (you should read it; I was a better blogger then.)

Anyways, you know I could preach the benefits and my love of Kombucha alllll day long, so don't listen to me — listen to The New York Times, who featured an article on kombucha in today's paper.

"NAOMI MOST, a devoted brewer of a fermented tea called kombucha, keeps her “big momma” in the garage. The big momma in question is a 20-pound pancake of gelatinous and, well, rather gross-looking bacteria and yeast floating atop a vat of kombucha, a drink that enthusiasts tout as a tonic for digestion, hair loss and all manner of bodily ailments..."

ew. awesome.

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