March 3, 2009

VOX Grocery Covers

It is Group 2's cover design week again, and here are my original designs for the grocery feature (a comparison of 7 different Columbia grocery stores explaining each store's strengths and weaknesses and where to get the best deals.) I agree that the designs don't necessarily speak "grocery," but I really like how graphic they are. Plus, they make me hungry for spinach and lemons. Spinach and lemons?! Design really is more powerful than I thought.

Sarah noted that their simplicity is reminiscent of the London-based grocery store "Waitrose." She was so right on. And now I want to work for them as a designer. Like, really bad. I mean, just LOOK AT THOSE HONEY JARS!  
Their ads (like the egg one below) are clever without being obnoxious. Love.

I have done some preliminary redesigns on my grocery cover. I tried to maintain the original design's starkness and modernity, but focused more on the grocery aspect of the feature, rather than on the food itself. 

So these pretty much stayed true to the original idea. Then somehow this (design below) appeared on my Indesign page late last night. I think it is far too busy for a consumer-based community magazine, but like it regardless. 


Sarah said...

Hey Chelsea. Nice work! Waitrose is the most amazing place in the universe! I'm so happy it could help to inspire you.

You have three NEW designs out of this whole project--and they're all distinct. That middle one is pretty fun--I love how you've made it look like a diagram. Ooh, and your typographic solution for the spincach/grocery bag cover is so clean, subtle and smart.

yay! said...

I really love your redesigns...all 3! I really like that you stayed true to your clean-looking designs you started with. And my favorite is the 2nd one with the diagram of the items. It's really smart and to the point. Good job!