March 14, 2009

Portfolio Inspiration

How am I supposed to cram my entire (design)life into a teeny little book?!

As you can see, I've been giving my mini-portfolio a lot of thought. Most of my thinking is not about the clips I want to include — which is what I should probably be more worried about — but I'm instead focusing on how I want to design the cover.  If the cover of the book is unappealing, there is no way anyone will go to the effort to flip through the contents. I have been looking through business cards to get ideas for color schemes and text treatments. Here are some favs (although, most may not work for a portfolio...)

This one would be great if I could find a design mantra.

I love the simple typeface and transparent box over the graphic of these cards. The design elements add interest without looking overdone or "grunge." I love grunge-esque styles, but those are not necessarily the most universally appreciated or understood design for a portfolio cover. 

Rounded corners are pretty trendy. I love the ambiguous photo and fun, scripty font. 

Oooooh, black embossed on black. I like very much. Not a huge fan of the logo, though. A little too corporate and quasi-religious, in my opinion. 

My personal favorite. 

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