January 31, 2009

Photo #1

These little Buddha pencil toppers came in a pack of six, so naturally I decided to place a different Buddha in six different locations because WHO CAN HAVE ENOUGH BUDDHAS?! Not me, apparently. The red one in my car has been sitting on my dashboard for almost six years now, while the purple desk-hopper has been around just as long but changes location with me each year. The tiny dude featured above has graced the deep cherry wood desk of my parent's computer room back in Iowa, the faux-particle board travesty that served as my dorm desk,  the white desk whose only job was to be a ladder up to my extremely lofted bed in the smallest room of the Delta Gamma house, and most recently the beautiful West Elm Parsons desk sitting in an even more beautiful downtown loft (downtown = the 8-square blocks of downtown CoMO, loft = elegant word for cramped, windowless apartment.)

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