January 28, 2009

AceJet Update

We all remember reading Penguin classic books, right? They used to look a little something like this...
In the late 90's, they moved towards a more modern design, integrating paintings from the Romantic, Baroque and Renaissance eras on many of their covers.

Acejet, my no-name British design friend of Ace Jet 170, noted that Penguin is returning to early graphic design trends with their latest book designs. 
They have designed a new batch of hardcover books in various ornate and graphic Victorian styles, using bold color combinations. My favorite is the navy and white (second from left), the grey and periwinkle (third from left), and the light blue and red (fourth from left.)  This is a great way for the books to appeal to their older, more seasoned readers who would like to artistically replace those old, tattered copies of their Penguin favorites. Plus, the colorful spines are a great way to add life to a bookshelf. Read more here.

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Sarah said...

Ah, Penguin By Design is one of my favorites. It's so useful as a design and historical reference. Nice choice! And have you seen these....

Make sure to check out the gallery.