March 14, 2011

happy birthday grammy

happy 91st (yes, 91st!) birthday to the only woman I know who still wears Chanel at 90, enjoys squashing spiders with her thumb and never fails to make a dozen best friends at the farmer's market.

above: my mom, grandma and me at my high school's homecoming parade.

below: a few throwbacks of my always classy g-ma below for your viewing pleasure.

My grandma and grandpa posing with their ride in 1943.

1943 again, but this time posing in the hot whip. Love the buttons, two-tone Chanel pumps and those LEGS!

Grandma at 16, on what is quite possibly the strangest picnic of all time. Afternoon tea, dress clothes with overalls, hotdogs and...marshmallows?

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