February 3, 2011

I'm a dummy

I normally try to keep my personal stuff off this blog, BUT for the next 30 days I'm making an exception. I made the executive decision LAST NIGHT to unofficially partake in Kendi's 30x30 Challenge - where you choose 30 items from your closet (shoes included!) and must wear a different outfit consisting of those pieces for the next 30 days.

(Thanks Danielle for the inspiration! And be sure to check her progress on her blog...ow ow! )

Considering I wear black leggings, boots and a huge cocoony black cardigan almost everyday, I figured giving my other clothes some attention was the least I could do for my wardrobe. I haphazardly threw my 30 together last night (that's why I'm a dummy) so this should be, interesting.

I'll be posting photos of the 30 and day 1 outfit later today.

Stay tuned for awkward self-portraits of my adventure...and enjoy the inspiration below.


Danielle said...

besides, I guarantee yours will be more glamourous than mine. You wear heels sometimes, after all.
AND your iPhone can take better pictures than my broken camera. Fail.

Marylyn said...

finally! it's about time you start doing self-styled photos....

chelsea said...

I'll try and channel my inner Marylyn! PS: next time I'm in STL - we're hanging (all of us.) no excuses.