January 12, 2011

no one man should have all that flour

The only thing better than this photo? This blog, dedicated to rewriting Kanye West lyrics about food.

PS: That frosting job is just god awful. Nice work, K.


Oh, and you know I had to include a few of my own (with a little help from Ryan)

Touch the Pie
50 told me go head switch the dial up, and if it bake, then let it bake and watch the flour pile up
Now throw you pans up in the skyyyy
Everything I bought made me...this delicious ham
Laaa. La la la, wait 'til I get my recipe right
Through the Fryer
Dumplings Are Forever
Throw Some Cheese On That (Remix)
Crepe Music
Stove Lockdown
Bake-Up Mr West

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