January 5, 2010

fur sure

This Frette queen-sized fur throw is quite possibly the most luxurious blanket imaginable. It's made of mink hair dipped in 18-karat gold and backed with quilted silk cashmere, priced accordingly at a wtf-worthy $28,000. (wtf) If the price tag didn't already scare you away, you'll still need some sort of celestial power to put one on your bed as there are only TWO being made for the U.S.

A comparable blanket by Pottery Barn is both mass-produced (no pesky waiting list!) and much more affordable at only $99. While not nearly as luxurious as gold-dipped mink
(but really, what is?) this blanket will satiate anyone's appetite for sumptuous softness and rich texture without breaking the bank...or the need to, quite literally, break into a bank.

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SogniSorrisi said...

Fur throws are so cozy looking, perfect for a cold winter day.