June 2, 2009

To The Max

This is a kid's DORM ROOM. What a far cry from the stark white walls and institutional green tile of my former cell in Defoe at the University of Missouri. While most kids have $20 so-called "vintage" Vogue or Led Zeppelin posters haphazardly stuck to their walls with bits of chewed gum, this guy has framed art and the real deal oriental rugs. I especially love love love his mismatched gallery wall and the extensive textile layering. Many of these components resonate in my own interior design, but with less paisley and a lot more lucite. There are two things Maximilian and I agree on, however, and that is the importance of a well-stocked bar and the aesthetic impact of a traditional and tasteful plaid. I can just smell the brandy and cigars from here.

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